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This years ScanSource: On the Road Serminar/Show was a huge hit with us here at BaxTek. Like always, ScanSource did an excellent job at bringing together all of the biggest Vendors in the industry. All the latest innovations in AIDC, POS and Mobility technology were available to see and tryout firsthand. It was a great opportunity for us to network and build stronger relationships for BaxTek! Thanks to all our friends at ScanSource and JS Group for putting on a great seminar.On Tuesday, April 22nd, ScanSource was kind enough to invite us to enjoy the Braves/Nationals game at Turner Field in their private suite in the 755 Club. We had an excellent time!
Also, we were able to witness John Smoltz throw his 3000th strikeout,
which was an exciting moment in the history of baseball.


John Smoltz 3000th Strikout








Clint and Van
Clint and Van after the game






Alien Technology spreads RFID to Daisy Brand

RFID industry icon, Alien Technology announced the expansion of its RFID services to Daisy Brand’s distribution centers in Texas and Arizona. Daisy Brand has been employing inventory RFID tracking since 2005. The 2008 expansion includes the installation of the Alien ALR-9900 RFID readers at the Casa Grande, Arizona and Garland, Texas distribution centers.

Kevin Brown, Daisy Brand’s IT director commented, “There is value and ROI with RFID. We’re taking what we have learned from the RFID data to derive value and provide business insight into what supply chain events occur, and when. Daisy’s use of
RFID has also improved customer satisfaction.”

Daisy Brand has outfitted forklifts with Alien ALR-9900 RFID readers.
The readers capture the EPC numbers of Alien’s Omni-Squiggle (R) Gen2
tags used on pallets. Data from forklift readers and fixed readers are
routed into Daisy’s ERP system for immediate information access from
the company’s factory and warehouse in Garland, Texas.

“RFID technology allows companies such as Daisy Brand to improve
real-time tracking of products, expiration dates and unique location,”
said Ronny Haraldsvik, vice-president of marketing and industry
relations at Alien. “Daisy is great example of dairy producer and
distributor making use of RFID within the supply chain to improve its
own inventory tracking and derive business benefits accordingly.”

Data about the product on a tagged pallet, including its type
and sell-by date isalso stored in the company’s ERP system.
When a truck arrives to pickup a load, the system will let that
driver know if he is picking upthe proper pallet. For example,
a pallet containing cases of product with an imminentsell-by date
would not be shipped to a far-away retail destination.
The reader at the portal will also alert a driver on his tablet PC
if he is loading the wrong pallet for a specific truck.

Daisy Brand first implemented Alien’s RFID tags, readers and
software in 2005 at its distribution center in Garland, Texas. Since
then, Alien’s products and support services from RFID partners have
enabled Daisy Brand to operate more efficiently by saving time and
increasing the visibility of products as they move from the company’s
warehouse in Texas to third-party facilities across the country.

About Alien Technology

Founded in 1994, Alien Technology is a leading technology and
product provider of UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Integrated Circuits (IC), tags, readers and professional services.
Alien Gen 2 products, along with software solutions from partners,
help solve business problems for customers to improve productivity,
processes, security and asset tracking for closed-loop and supply
chain systems. These solutions are currently implemented in industries
such as consumer packaged goods, retail, manufacturing,
transportation, airports and cargo logistics, government and defense,
and more. Alien’s patented Fluidic Self Assembly (FSA(TM)) technology
and related proprietary manufacturing processes are designed to enable
the manufacture of high volume, low-cost RFID tags. Quatrotec, Inc., a
wholly owned subsidiary of Alien Technology, is a specialized
professional services and technology firm that provides complete
solutions to meet the sophisticated requirements of the transportation
industry. Alien’s facilities include corporate headquarters in Morgan
Hill, CA; RFID tag manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND; the Alien RFID
Solutions Center in Dayton, OH; Quatrotec’s offices at the San
Francisco International Airport (SFO); and sales offices in the US,
Europe and Asia. Alien is a member of EPCglobal. For more information
please visit

Alien, Alien Technology, the Alien logo, Squiggle, and FSA, are
trademarks or registered trademarks of Alien Technology Corporation in
the United States and other countries. Copyright 2008 Alien Technology
Corporation. All rights reserved.

RFID and Alien Technology

BaxTek Solutions

Georgia & Carolinas Parking Association Exhibit

Greetings one and all; welcome to the very first installment of the BaxTek Weblog!

Georgia & Carolinas Parking Show – 2006 Joint Fall Conference and Trade Show

Wayne and Clint 2

BaxTek had a booth representing products from leading vendors in data collection & printing. Barcode scanning: Symbol USB scanners, mobile computers & 2D scanners. Datamax printers – Desktop & Industrial.

Georgia & Carolinas Parkiing Show