The New INTEGRA 9505 BVS System

BaxTek Solutions & LVS Present the INTEGRA 9505 Offline Bar Code Verifier
Atlanta, Georgia
Integra 9505

BaxTek Solutions Inc. and Label Vision Systems, Inc. (LVS), announces a new line of bar code verifiers that can verify both linear (1D) and Matrix (2D) codes all on the same reading device. The read head attaches to the users own computer for a lower priced option to the well respected INTEGRA 9500 Bar Code Verification Workstation released by LVS over two years ago.

The INTEGRA 9505 Flat Bed Verifier, (FBV) can verify all commonly accepted bar and matrix codes with the same device; no changing read heads because of aperture size or symbology. The INTEGRA 9505 is an ISO compliant verifier and meets the specifications for 21 CFR Part 11 compliant ready, MIL STD 130M, and AS9132-A/ AIM DPM Cat 0 compliant. The INTEGRA 9505 is extremely operator friendly and displays the exact problem area with a code as part of the code grading analytical process and can grade several bar and matrix codes at one time. Free software upgrades extend the life of the system.

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  1. Bob wrote:

    Hey that INTEGRA stuff works really great we use one everyday for both 1D & 2D bar codes. Beats the pants off those other bar code verifiers.

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