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BaxTek Solutions Food Traceability One Stop Shopping

BaxTek Solutions is one of the leading Systems Integrators in the barcode verification, data collection, and supply chain industry that offers a diverse suite of products including RFID, RF Terminals, Printers, Wireless Access Points, Software, Remote Portable Terminal and Printer Management and Repair Services. The company specializes in traceability and tracking solutions for the food industry from “farm to fork.”

Wayne Baxter, President of the firm noted, “BaxTek Solutions offers complete “Farm to Fork” traceability answers: from monitoring irrigated fields where livestock feed; to continuous monitoring of product through processing to finished goods; to monitoring ambient product temperature during transport to the consumer market. BaxTek Solutions has formed a Strategic Alliance of seasoned professionals in the dairy, grain, meat, and vegetable food production industries. Our group can guide your operation to full regulatory compliance, including HACCP/SSOP Procedures, the FDA Bioterrorism Act and COOL Labeling Requirements. BaxTek Solutions offers One-Stop-Shop Traceability Answers

When choosing a systems integrator, it is essential that the correct mix of hardware and software vendors are carefully chosen to create the best solution. BaxTek Solutions takes the complexity of integrating these products and makes it so that the customer has a solution that is easy to deploy and use. In most cases, a single off-the shelf – or “plug-and-play” – solution will not fulfill all of a customer’s needs- The customer is then left to tackle the problem of complexity.

BaxTek Solutions has constructed a total solutions package, www.baxtek.com/software/traceability/index.php?home, enabling food producers, processors and retailers to bring their current traceability efforts to the next level while simultaneously making a profit center out of what was once a cost center. BaxTek Solutions participates in the design of the project, the integration of legacy systems, implementation of the new applications, and remote management of devices deployed into the field. Choosing BaxTek Solutions provides the most efficient use of time and money for “Track and Trace” implementation.

BaxTek Solutions represents all major Auto ID hardware manufactures (including LXE, Zebra, Motorola, Datamax, Intermec, Vocollect, Alien, Cisco, Unitech, Datalogic, Honeywell, and Sato.) Software solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), asset tracking, inventory tracking, custom, and mobile applications such as, DSD (direct store delivery) and field service. BaxTek Solutions’ diverse customer base includes manufacturers, distributors, as well as firms involved in logistics, mobility, and government projects. BaxTek Solutions’ team of project managers and engineers take a partnership approach to every project, achieving a rapid return on investment for clients.

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