New Wireless Page; Hooray!

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Hey everyone,

At long last we have a brand new wireless page! It features a nifty Flash animation and some very cool AJAX (that’s Advanced Javascript and XML, for those of you who are curious) navigation tabs, as well as some useful info. Many of you may already know that BaxTek offers the latest technology in wireless data collection, but did you know we also offer 3 levels of Wireless Site Survey to help you work out the kinks in your wireless network? Well now you do! Head on over and read up on it. The new Page would never have happened without a whole lot of help and info from Clint, so thanks Clint! What are you doing still reading this? Go Check out the new page already!


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  1. Wayne Baxter wrote:

    David & Clint,

    The new wireless page is very helpful to my customers that are looking for new ways to refresh their warehouse & become more productive.



  2. scotty wrote:


    When will you be giving away the new Ipod thingy? If you want send it to me for safe keeping…


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