Technicolor uses RedBeam Check In/Check Out

RedBeamWhen Technicolor/Thomson sought a solution to track their Symbol MC9000 and Falcon handheld scanners, they turned to BaxTek Solutions and RedBeam software.

Technicolor needed a way to check in and check out these devices from a protected tool cage so that they could track their usage and protect their investment of over 300 hundred units.

BaxTek Project Manager Gary Moore along with Amalia Buckmire, Software Specialist and Trainer with RedBeam software traveled to
Memphis in November 2007 to begin training and installation of RedBeam’s Check In/Check Out software. After training in the morning, the BaxTek team deployed the software on to company laptops and desktops using a Citrix Server application. This allowed remote users to view activity and management to make additions, moves and changes to the system ensuring that there was accountability from user/operators as well as giving the IT department a real-time snapshot of units in need of repair or replacement.

Technicolor provides complete supply chain management services for the
Hollywood studios, software developers, games manufacturers and independent rights holders. These include mastering, DVD replication, packaging and distribution/fulfillment and DVD design services.

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