LVS 9550/9560 Hand Held Vision Scanner

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LVS 9550/9560 Hand Held Vision Scanner The LVS 9550 / 9560 system is the only closed loop, simple
to use, system on the market that allows retail companies
the ability to accurately control charge backs to
vendors for poor quality SSCC codes. The system is
comprised of 2 parts. The LVS 9550 (pictured) is a readhead
attached to a PC and the LVS 9560 viewing station.

The LVS 9550 readhead is designed to be used at the DC reject or no read line. The LVS 9550 readhead is placed over the entire 6" x 4" SSCC label and a high resolution image is taken with a click of a button. The LVS 9550 analyzes the image, automatically locates the SSCC bar code, grades it in terms of ISO 15416 and performs an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) search for a specific department or location code. If the bar code grade is unacceptable a new bar code label is automatically printed from the default printer and the user fixes the new label to the package ready to be sent back into the main distribution line.

The LVS 9560 is a viewing and analysis station that allows administrative staff to call up any image that was previously captured for analysis in the event of a dispute with a vendor. This analysis can be viewed by any vendor online by using desktop Internet based collaboration software (there are many available). This is also a tool for educating vendors since the LVS 9560 has sophisticated analytical features that not only reports the ISO, GS1 & MIL130M structure analysis, it also reports grading information and graphically highlights the problem areas discovered in the bar code, this gives users easy to follow accurate detail on the various problems they may have in there print processes.

9550/9560 Scanner

  • Processor
    • PC Intel P4 2.8Ghz
  • Memory
    • 500 MB RAM
  • Inputs / Outputs
    • USB 2.0 port
    • 10/100 Ethernet
  • Operating System
    • Windows XP Pro
  • Scan Resolution
    • All codes are scanned every 0.10 mm (.004)
  • Storage Temperature
    • 20 C (32 F) to 40 C (104 F
  • Camera
    • Monochrome Camera 2.1 mega-pixels
Download LVS9550 Data Sheet