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Pre-printed Bar Code Labels

Labeling a new or expanding warehouse requires experience and the right bar code label. Many Fortune 500 companies have relied on BaxTek Solutions to implement custom bar code label programs to overcome some of the challenges and obstacles companies face today in inventory management.

Answers & Solutions We Provide:

  • Number Sequencing for Easy Installation
  • Color Coding Arrows
  • Graphics & Logos Configuration & Size Suggestions
  • Symbology Recommendations
  • Different Adhesives
  • Lamination for Durability & Protection
  • Base Materials-Poly Films,Retro-Reflective,Paper, Etc
  • Magnets Plastic & Metal Signs

Overhead Warehouse Signs:
For easy & quick identification of the major aisles in the warehouse. Overhead signs indicate racks, aisles, loading docks, etc. Signs can be of various sizes and can be used inside or outside. High impact polystyrene is recommended as a good durable fade resistant material to affix the label. These signs can bolt to metal racking, a wall surface, or hang from the ceiling with chains.


Retro-Reflective Labels: For long distance scanning of the higher rack locations. This type of label is used when a longer scanning distance is required. Retro-reflective labels combined with a large mil size X dimension and an extended range scanner can be scanned from 50+ feet.

Rack Location Labels: Pressure sensitive or magnetic-these labels identify aisles, bays, rows & locations where inventory is stored. Clearly labeled racks, shelves and bins help workers locate and pick warehouse items faster and more accurately. BaxTek Solutions recommends a durable, color-coded polyethylene material with an over laminate for today's busy distribution facility. Also color-coding the rack location levels helps to simplify scanning at any level. Totem Pole or eye-level vertical labels are used to scan upper levels from the floor. Arrows are very useful to determine location when labeling between rows or section

Floor Labels: Floor Labels are used to identify bulk storage for locations and items not requiring metal racks. Sometimes the only option is to use floor labels to identify products. Bulk, staging & pallet areas are easily identified in this manner. BaxTek Solutions recommends a very durable PVC material in different colors. We over-laminate floor labels after printing to withstand the rigors of scuffs, kicks, and being run-over by lift trucks. Designing a floor section will include different sizes and shapes of corners, "T's", dots and ovals.


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