Spec Wireless Network Services

Wireless Network Services

Large-scale wireless networks are one of the most common investments in today's business climate. Providing un-tethered communications, this mobility is the key to improving productivity and supporting new applications and directions.

To make the most of the advantages wireless networks present, companies must meet the challenge of integrating new wireless solutions & infrastructure into their current system. The expertise required to take advantage of the full potential of wireless technology may be beyond the typical companies in-house resources.

Designing this network can be a complex process. This is why organizations call BaxTek Solutions for help in any size implementation. We work with the leading OEM s to provide a total solution approach to wireless network implementation & after the sale support.

BaxTek Solutions understands how to combine wired and wireless applications and how multiple wireless technologies can work together. Our expertise helps you deliver flawless data communications throughout the enterprise and supply chain.

Symbol MSP & Switch Architectures


Switch Model

RF Support


802.11, 802.11a/b/g
Lower TCO by central managing up to 5,000 elements (broad array of APs, PDTs, etc.) over literally thousands of local or remote networks. Allows mobile firmware level updates, remote control and access over user interface. Enterprise Municipal, Government, etc. uses.
Symbol WS5100 Switch System
802.11, 802.11a/b/g
Enterprise wireless switch management system supporting 48 ports. Each port must be licensed. Utilizes Symbol access ports and related compatible access points.
Symbol WS2000
802.11, 802.11a/b/g
Small to medium sized wireless switch management system supporting 6 ports. Licensing not required. Utilizes Symbol access ports and related compatible access points.


Wireless Access Points

 Access Point




Operating Temp Range


Symbol AP4131 802.11b 11 MB DS

2.4 GHz

802.11b 11MB DS

4 to 158 F

Single radio, Uses Symbol's radio

ppt4100.gif (1043 bytes)

Symbol AP3121 802.11 2MB FH

2.4 GHz

802.11 2MB FH

4 to 158F

Single radio, Uses Symbol's radio

Intermec 2102 Access Point

2.4 GHz

802.11b 11MB DS

32 to 100F

Single Radio, Orinoco radio for 802.11b

Intermec WA21 Access Point

2.4GHz & 5.4 GHz

802.11b & 802.11a

-13 to 158F

Dual Radio

Intermec WA22 Access Point

2.4Ghz & 5.4 GHz

802.11b & 802.11a

-4 to 131F

Dual Radio


2.4 GHz


1100 model:
1200 Model 
-4 to 122F

Cisco Aironet, 1100/1200

Hand Held Products

2.4 GHz

Cisco 802.11b


Single Radio

Cisco Aironet 1100

2.4 GHz

Cisco 802.11b

32 to 104F

Integrated antenna only

Cisco Aironet 1200

2.4 GHz

Cisco 802.11b, 802.11a


Power Over Ethernet or Power Supply, Dual radio

Firetide Hotport 3100, 3200

2.4, 5 GHz

802.11b, 802.11a

0-50 C 

Power Over Ethernet or Power Supply, 4 ethernet ports, Intel onboard processor for stand-alone-mobile applications & management.

Client Wireless Devices

Symbol A/B/G Card

Symbol 11MB PC Card

Symbol Flash Card or Wireless Networker

Symbol 11MB Client Bridge

Symbol 11MB PCI Card

Cisco 802.11bPC Card

Cisco 802.11aPC Card

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