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Bar Codes: An Introduction

Big BarcodeA barcode is a series of parallel, adjacent bars and spaces that hold information. Information is encoded into spaces and bars of various width. A barcode device scans the bars, translates the information back into regular characters, and allows them to be viewed and stored on a computer or portable terminal.

There are many different barcode symbologies (bar code type). Each uses its own unique pattern of bars and spaces. The UPC code used in the retail market is an all-numeric code; so is the Interleaved 2 of 5 Code. Code 39 was the first commercial alphanumeric bar code symbology. Code 128 is also an industrial code that includes the ASCII character code set.

Benefits of Bar Coding

Bar Code implementation provides enormous benefits for any business. Bar-code systems have been proven to save time, increase productivity, reduce down time, minimize the endless paper trail and lower inventory costs.

  • Faster Data Entry: When scanning data the user can record the data five to seven times faster than keying in the information.
  • Better Accuracy: You will see an average of 1 error per 300 keystrokes when using the manual method. Bar code data entry has an error rate of only 1 in 3 million.

Bar-coding can reduce the time it takes to fill orders, count inventory, and ship product. This will reduce your costs and overhead.

From an accounting point of view bar-coding systems can improve the accuracy in reporting labor costs for specific jobs or products, and provide information on the productivity of employees. It will also assist auditors at year's end by providing a secure, effective information system.thing

Bar-coding can reduce the time it takes to fill orders and count inventory. Up-to-date reports can be produced on a timely basis and eliminate costly over or under stocking. Bar-coding systems can increase the efficiency of "just in time" inventory systems. All of this will reduce your costs and overhead.

The productivity of your company will vastly improve. You will find you spend less time on paper work and have more time to devote to customer satisfaction! Many of our clients at BaxTek Solutions tell us that bar-coding has increased their efficiency of data entry and retrieval. Now they have more time to fill orders and/or produce more products.

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