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IntelliTrack's Check In-Out
Check In-OutTracking software provides an efficient and cost-effective method for tracking assets and consumable inventory within a company or department by utilizing mobile computers, such as PDAs or PDTs, to scan bar codes. IntelliTrack Check In-Out collects and stores user IDs, both consumable and check out items, locations, and quantities.

In addition, Check In-Out completes routine physical inventories, manages a perpetual inventory and tracks items checked out by employees and/or customers. IntelliTrack Check In-Out contains user-customizable fields allowing the user to specify the naming of each field to fit the terminology of their business as well as generates user-customized reports, and logs into history the receipt, movement, and issuance of inventory.

Features & Benefits of Check In-Out

Written in Access 2002/XP and includes source code for the workstation application
  • Users can create custom reports, forms, and queries with Access 2002/XP.
Track both Check-In/Out items and consumable items
  • Manage a stockroom as well as check in/out items too.
All fields are user-definable
  • There almost no limit as to how you can describe and track items.
35 pre-loaded reports
  • See who has an item, know if it is past due. Find usage by department and person.
Handheld portable scanner support
  • Point and scan to issue, receive, and conduct an inventory.
Exception reporting
  • Find out what is missing. Helps to identify shrinkage and maintain an accurate inventory.
Portable time and date stamp
  • Know exactly when an item was issued, received, moved, inventoried, or added.
  • Lets you pre-check all of the data prior to updating the main database, ensuring data integrity.
Wedge scanner support
  • Scan a person's badge and the items you want to check in or out.
Security levels
  • User names and passwords allow you to restrict a user to "view only" access, or five other levels of access.
Items are tracked to a location
  • You will know exactly what you have and where it is located.
Network Support
  • Lets you deploy the database on a server and access it remotely from a LAN.
Maintains a complete history of an items lifecycle
  • You will know who has control of an item and when and where it has been. It helps to track down those hard to find or missing items.
Look-up tables
  • Helps to maintain consistent data and data integrity.
Prints bar codes
  • Print item, location, and custom bar code labels
On-line help
  • Simple and straightforward help online.
  • Imports or exports ASCII or text data for shared use with other software systems.
Supports unlimited sites, locations, and items
  • You can manage an unlimited number of items in unlimited sites and locations.

Product Features

  • Maintains inventories in a variety of business environments
  • Easy-to-use
  • Customize IntelliTrack® in MS Access 2002
  • Integrated bar code printing
  • Pocket PC and DOS portable bar code reader support
  • Embed pictures in your database

System Requirements

  • IBM-compatible PC with a Pentium II 300 mHz, or higher processor (Pentium III 500 mHz or higher is recommended for optimum performance)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, Windows® 2000 SP2, Windows® ME, Windows® NT SP 6a or Windows® XP
  • A hard disk with 250 MB of free space
  • 64 MB of RAM (128 MB or greater recommended)
  • SVGA, or compatible monitor

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