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IntelliTrack® Fixed Assets

is a flexible, affordable, easy-to-use off-the-shelf barcode-based tracking solution. IntelliTrack® Fixed Assets tracks and assets history and lifecycle through your organization. You'll now know where your assets are located, what's missing, what's been moved, who and what departments are responsible for a particular item, and where it been. Depreciation, barcode printing, and reporting are all included. IntelliTrack® Fixed Assets tracks the following:

  • Track Computer, IT Equipment, PC's, and Laptops
  • Track Furniture and Fixtures
  • Track Art
  • Track Telecommunications Equipment and Telephones
  • Anything that can be barcoded

IntelliTrack® is being used by emergency medical teams, construction companies, laboratories, insurance companies, law offices, government agencies, mom and pop companies, the fortune 500, and others kinds of organizations to control, track, and manage anything that can be barcoded. It's uses are universal and are limited only by the imagination.
IntelliTrack is a leading provider and developer of comprehensive off-the-shelf software systems that integrate bar code, RFID, batch and WiFi data collection. More than 12,000 small, medium and large organizations track their inventories and assets with IntelliTrack applications.. With a network of Certified Partners and a distribution channel, IntelliTrack is available throughout the world.
Highlights Include:

  • Open Source Code
  • Field Names are Definable
  • Flexible and Configurable
  • Standard Reporting
  • Barcode Label Printing
  • Optional Wireless Add-on

IntelliTrack's software is used by almost every conceivable type of organization, large and small, to make more efficient required tracking tasks.

Features & Benefits of Fixed Assets

Written in Access 2002/XP and includes source code for the workstation application
  • Users can create custom reports, forms, and queries with Access 2002/XP.
17 pre-loaded reports
  • See the status of any asset. View an asset's history. Look at assets by location and much more.
All fields are user-definable
  • There is almost no limit as to how you can describe and track items.
Exception reporting
  • Find out what is missing, has been moved, is new, and what has been found.
Handheld portable scanner support
  • Point and scan to conduct an inventory or move assets.
  • Lets you pre-check all of the data prior to updating the main database, ensuring data integrity.
Portable time and date stamp
  • Know exactly when an item was purchased, inventoried, or added.
Security levels
  • User names and passwords allow you to restrict a user to "view only" access, or five other levels of access.
Items are tracked to a location
  • You will know the exactly what you have and where it is located. the
Network Support
  • Lets you deploy the database on a server and access it remotely from a LAN.
Maintains a complete history of an items life cycle
  • You will know who has control of an item and when and where it has been. It helps to track down those hard to find or missing items.
Look-up tables
  • Helps to maintain consistent data and data integrity.
Prints bar codes
  • Print item, location, and custom bar code labels
On-line help
  • Simple and straightforward help on-line.
  • Imports or exports ASCII or text data for shared use with other software systems.
Supports unlimited sites, locations, and items
  • You can manage and unlimited number of items in unlimited sites and locations.
  • Five kinds of depreciation are supported, including straight line depreciation.


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