EPC Solutions FixedAssetManager

A technology platform that uses RFID or barcodes for asset management, FixedAssetManager provides an efficient, inexpensive method to track fixed asset inventories of capital equipment, computers and furniture.   

FixedAssetManager uses a network of location based RFID fixed readers or mobile RFID handheld readers to track RFID tagged assets.  Reader and antennae placement can provide complete coverage of a room’s exit and entry points so FixedAssetManager can track assets and users in the system through the last known state.   Any assets crossing the read points can be associated with an employee badge so the system automatically updates the database with the present location and the new status, while keeping track of which employee has what items. 

FixedAssetManager associates relevant information to the asset such as location, owner, site, model, serial number, manufacturer, purchase value and date, salvage value, and any notes associated with the specific asset.  

FixedAssetManager can encode new RFID assets tags with GS1 backed standardized encoding schemes for asset tracking or custom encoding to insure each asset has a unique ID or FixedAssetManager can use pre-encoded RFID tags. 

FixedAssetManager easy-to-use wizard aids in the configuration of an RFID network of hardware and software, allowing for:
  • Integrated barcode asset tag printing
  • Save fixed asset pictures in your database
  • Print and read RFID or barcode asset tags
  • Import asset data as csv files orread existing barcodes
  • Conduct inventory by location  
  • User definable fields  
  • Keeps a complete history of items lifecycle 
  • All functions with MobileFixedAssetManager
  • Administration user management features
  • Exception and error reporting