RedBeam Software Solutions

Asset Tracking

Track the movement of materials by using barcodes and barcode scanners to receive, move and issue items within your warehouse, distribution center, stockroom or store. This system is a complete item database with the ability to use cabled barcode scanners attached to PC workstations or scanner enable mobile computers. Receive, move, issue, adjust or take a physical inventory on the PC or using the mobile barcode scanner. The mobile scanner gives you the ability to scan your items where they are located rather than at one central scanning station. Print inventory, reorder, out-of-stock, overstock and transaction reports.

To Download a demo version of this software, please visit:
RedBeam Inventory Tracking Demo


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  • Item ID
  • Serial #
  • Lot Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Item Type
  • Cost
  • 5 User Fields
  • Vendor
  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Unit of Measure
  • Stock Minimum
  • Stock Maximum
    ...and more!
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-use Screens
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Import/Export from Microsoft Excel
  • Barcode Printing Directly from Database
  • Role-Based User Security
  • One-Click Sync Between PC and Scanner
  • History of All Transacions
  • Historical Log of Physical Inventories
  • Physical Inventory Variance Reports
  • Included Microsoft SQL MSDE Database
  • Robust Networking Capabilities
  • Advanced Backup Features