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  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Food Service
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SmartTurn On-Demand Warehouse Management System

Inventory and warehouse management operations are the core of any product and service oriented company. Managing the flow of accurate inventory data is proving to be a very costly challenge for companies faced with cumbersome, error-prone, manual-based processes that lead to higher operating costs and excess inventory. 

SmartTurn, a proven leader in on-demand inventory and warehouse management solutions, integrates inventory and warehouse management processes through one centralized system providing companies with real-time visibility and control into the movement of inventory across multiple warehouses or within a single location.

Designed for growing companies, the SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System automates manual-based processes from purchasing to shipping, so complete visibility and control is a mouse point click away.


The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System features:

Purchasing - Integrate purchasing with your inventory control to reduce unwanted carrying costs and data-entry errors.
Receiving & Put-Away
Receiving & Put-Away - Accelerate the receiving and put-away process of goods from the shipping dock to preferred locations faster with less work.
Inventory Control
Inventory Control - Provide real-time management information on the quantity, location, status, and history of every inventory item within the warehouse.
Order Fulfillment
Order Fulfillment - Enables companies to commit to more orders and increase profits without increasing the cost of doing business.
Shipping - Integrates picking and shipping operations to streamline processes and manage cost.
Quickbooks Inventory Warehouse
Integration - SmartTurn integrates inventory and warehouse processes with leading accounting software applications.
Mobile Computing
Mobile Computing - Enables warehouse operators to have real-time inventory visibility and control while moving freely across the warehouse floor.


SmartTurn Industry Specific Solutions

Whatever your industry, SmartTurn can easily be tailored to fit your industry specific needs. SmartTurn has the power and flexibility to change your inventory and warehouse business processes into a competitive advantage. Your industry requirements are unique, so whatever business challenges you have, partnering with us will help you overcome them.

SmartTurn Industry Specific Solutions Include:

  • 3PL / Contract LogisticsThe SmartTurn system allows 3PLs to rapidly implement a multi-customer system in single or multi-warehouse configurations, enabling the 3PL's customers to immediately create a level of accuracy and visibility for their customers.
    Learn more.
  • Wholesale DistributionSmartTurn provides easy-to-use functionality for inventory planning and replenishment, so wholesale distributors can accurately forecast demand, balance inventory costs against fill rates, and fulfill orders more quickly.
    Learn more.
  • Food ServiceSmartTurn helps food service providers and suppliers decrease costs, shortages, and waste by maintaining real-time inventory control of food, beverages, and supplies.
  • HealthcareSmartTurn helps healthcare institutions simplify and improve how they actively manage inventory levels, track specific usage, keep areas optimally stocked, and quickly remove any recalled or expired items before they reach a patient.
  • Hospitality-SmartTurn contains everything a hotel needs to mange and control inventory in an efficient time and cost saving manner, across multiple facilities and stockrooms.


What's New

SmartTurn’s Kitting Manager
If you are a light manufacturer, 3PL or simply doing batch or mass customization for your customers in your warehouse, SmartTurn’s Kitting Manager surpasses more expensive systems. Build unlimited, multi-level Bills-of-Materials (BOM) with an unlimited number of recipes or configurations which can be changed on the fly. With real-time availability-to-promise (ATP) you can designate automatic inventory allocation as kits are created or planned.

SmartTurn Kitting Order  SmartTurn Kitting Policy  SmartTurn Kitting Specification


SmartTurn’s Billing Manager
Specially designed for 3PLs, wholesale and distribution who bill customers for value added services. SmartTurn’s no-cost option allows you to quickly gather billing information and bill customers to improve your accounts receivable. You can use SmartTurn’s billing templates or export data directly into your accounting package. Our more advanced 3PL users are able to show customer costs in real-time, truly leveraging software-as-a-service for transparency and collaboration with customers.

SmartTurn Billing Storage  SmartTurn Billing Shipment  SmartTurn Billing Afiliates


SmartTurn Inventory Gadgets
WMS 2.0 technologies allow you to do next generation warehouse and IT practices without the expense. Designed with Google’s popular gadget platform, you can view or share inventory and warehouse metrics with everyone in your organization, customers or trading partners. Set permissions easily and share inventory information in real-time anytime, with anyone from any warehouse. Drag gadgets onto your desktop or Smartphone.

SmartTurn Gadgets


Integrate the Purchasing and Inventory Control Process

SmartTurnYour company's purchasing decisions directly impact how you control and manage accurate inventory levels. To better track and control inventory purchasing, SmartTurn™ streamlines the purchasing and inventory control process, so you can reduce unwanted carrying costs and replenish inventory levels when expected.

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System is an on-demand, web-based solution that enables warehouse operators to centrally manage and control the process of purchasing inventory items across multiple warehouses or within a single location. Designed to enhance inventory item visibility and control, the SmartTurn solution streamlines your purchasing operations by electronically connecting your organization to real-time inventory information. This means timely purchasing information, greater accuracy, and better warehouse management, so inventory items can be purchased with confidence; goods can be replenished when expected; and orders can be managed without error.

In addition to streamlining the purchasing and inventory control process, the SmartTurn system easily integrates with existing accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Great Plains, thereby maintaining the transfer of accurate inventory data between applications while eliminating the possibility of costly data duplication errors.


  • Centralize purchasing and budget management
  • Enhance supplier management and information sharing
  • Automate purchase order generation
  • Reduce duplication, administration, and overhead costs


  • Enter, track, and review history of purchase orders
  • Create purchase orders for multiple warehouses
  • Pre-populate supplier and inventory details
  • Integrate purchasing with receiving operations
  • Reconcile POs with actual receipts
  • Source suppliers from historical performance-based rating system
  • Generate customized purchasing and supplier reports

SmartTurn Purchasing Order  SmartTurn View Purchasing Order  SmartTurn Purchasing Item Master


Simplify the Warehouse Receiving and Put-away Process

ReceivingControlling inventory accuracy begins with a highly effective warehouse receiving and put-away environment that allows for greater control in fulfilling customer orders quickly. SmartTurn™ helps companies accelerate the inventory receipt and put-away process from the dock to preferred locations faster with less work.

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System is an on-demand, web-based solution that automates the warehouse receiving and put-away process by matching the receipt of goods received to the original purchase order. With SmartTurn, the put-away process can be configured to instruct warehouse receiving workers where to store goods either in a default location or by choice. This feature contributes to greater control in the allocation of resources and facilitates a timely order-picking environment for warehouse staff.

Finally, when the receipt is processed, the SmartTurn system automatically updates and adjusts stock-levels received thereby maintaining up-to-date inventory control information. As a result, purchasing, sales, and warehouse managers have access to the same up-to-date order fulfillment information.

  • Enhance productivity
  • Eliminate labor intensive procedures
  • Move goods faster with less work
  • Automate the warehouse receiving and put-away process
  • Maintain real-time inventory accuracy
  • Fulfill customer orders quickly
  • Receive against multiple purchase orders simultaneously
  • Receive by purchase order, by product, or without a purchase order(blind receipt)
  • Automatically assign inventory to a location for put-away
  • Store products in unique or multiple locations based on bin/inventory characteristics
  • Assign license plates to items upon receipt
  • Update inventory levels automatically upon receipt
  • View all receipts or customize views by filtering on selected criteria
  • View or export receipt details and history with a click of a button
  • Trigger a vendor payment upon receipt




Experience Inventory Control Success

Inventory ControlHaving inventory at the right time eliminates costly write-offs and unhappy customers. The SmartTurn™ inventory control system helps warehouse operators establish optimum inventory levels by easily identifying the fast and slow inventory movers, thereby reducing costs and keeping inventory to the right levels.

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System is an on-demand, web-based inventory control solution that provides real-time information on the quantity, location, status, and history of every inventory item within the warehouse at any time. Fully integrated, the SmartTurn web-based inventory control solution ensures essential flow of up-to-the-minute information between departments. Equally important is the web-based inventory control system's ability to easily see, direct, and manage the movement of inventory across multiple warehouse sites, facilities, or locations.

  • Improve warehouse inventory accuracy
  • Minimize overstocks and costly stock-outs
  • Adjust warehouse inventory levels in real-time
  • Access up-to-the-minute inventory information
  • Eliminate manual administration and data entry
  • Centralize control of inventory data across facilities
  • Reduce labor intensive procedures such as physical inventory counts
  • Manage multiple warehouse locations
  • Set re-order points to automate stock-out reports
  • Manage and convert unique units of measure for purchase, sale or storage
  • Pick and track products by serial license numbers
  • Enable cycle counting by inventory utilization, groups or locations
  • View and export detailed warehouse inventory reports

SmartTurn Inventory Control Add Adjustment  SmartTurn Inventory Manager  SmartTurn Inventory Control Cycle Count


Increase Sales Order Fulfillment Speed

Order FulfillmentThe speed of sales order fulfillment response is a strategic key to success in today's business world. SmartTurn™ reduces the time it takes from when the sales order is received to when it is delivered, thereby enabling companies to commit to more sales orders and increase profits without increasing the cost of doing business.

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System is an on-demand, web-based warehouse order fulfillment solution that allows sales and warehouse operators to create and fulfill sales orders against real-time inventory information. Following order receipt, the SmartTurn sales order fulfillment system automatically generates pick lists, bin locations, and customer shipping documentation directly from the sales order thereby eliminating the data re-entry process. As a result, picking speed and accuracy is greatly improved and sales orders are fulfilled on time.

In addition to facilitating the sales order fulfillment activities within the warehouse, the SmartTurn system integrates sales orders with third party accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Great Plains to automate billing processes.

  • Improve sales order process management
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce order fulfillment cycle times
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Decrease labor required for fulfillment
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Check inventory availability across all warehouses during order creation
  • Pre-populate customer information when an order is created
  • Determine which warehouse to fulfill orders from
  • Generate pick tickets and shipping documentation directly from the sales order
  • View sales orders and shipping reports by status: open, active, approved, picked, shipped, closed
  • Create custom order templates

SmartTurn Order Fulfillment Sales Order  SmartTurn Order Fulfillment View Shipment  SmartTurn Order Fulfillment Pending Order


Increase Shipping Accuracy

ShippingDeliver the service excellence customers deserve while keeping warehouse shipping costs under control. The SmartTurn™ warehouse shipping system eliminates the need for warehouse staff to "double-check" item availability before every shipment.

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management system is an on-demand, web-based shipping solution that helps companies increase order throughput, accuracy, and speed by streamlining the picking and shipping process from when the order is received. Seamless integration between all processes means everyone from sales to warehouse shipping has access to the same up-to-the minute order information, thereby ensuring orders are filled correctly with the right products and shipped on time.

Companies using the SmartTurn inventory and warehouse shipping system can attain the 'perfect order' which results in higher customer satisfaction. In addition, inventory levels are automatically updated into the system after each shipment is sent to ensure accurate, real-time inventory visibility and control.

  • Streamline warehouse shipping operations
  • Decrease expedited warehouse shipping costs
  • Reduce fulfillment cycle times
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Manage and view shipments across multiple warehouses
  • View and export shipment reports across status, customers, due dates, ship dates
  • Generate pick tickets and shipping documents directly from the sales order
  • Provide default picking locations to floor operators
  • Pick and ship items by various attributes
  • Pre-populate customer information when an order is ready to be shipped
  • Determine which warehouse to fulfill orders from
  • Automate billing upon shipment

SmartTurn Shipping Parcel Post  SmartTurn Shipping Voided Shipments  SmartTurn Shipping Export Shipments


Accounting Integration Support

Quickbooks Inventory WarehouseSmartTurn supports your existing QuickBooks processes in a revolutionary way with accurate, real-time inventory and warehouse information. With capabilities never seen before in the market at this price-point, SmartTurn customers receive exceptional utility especially when it comes to creating a flexible, pay-as-you-go warehouse inventory solution that fosters innovation in your business. If you have inventory and a warehouse, no other warehouse inventory solution matches SmartTurn’s buyer value and low cost.Quickbooks Inventory Warehouse Integration

QuickBooks Integration:

  • Create purchase orders and sales orders within QuickBooks
  • Transfer to SmartTurn for viewing, receiving, and shipping
  • Sync all your records at once, or on an order-by-order basis
  • Create receipts and shipments in SmartTurn based on QuickBooks orders
  • Automatically create inventory receipts with or without a bill based on a Purchase Order receipt
  • Automatically create customer invoice based on a shipment from a Sales Order
  • Update corresponding Orders in QuickBooks as Closed or Invoiced
  • Create blind receipts and express shipments in SmartTurn
  • View and bill from these transactions in QuickBooks – even without a corresponding QuickBooks order
  • Maintain a single system of record
  • Automatically create Item Masters, Customer Masters, and Vendor Masters in QuickBooks from SmartTurn
  • Reconcile Inventory values between SmartTurn and QuickBooks
  • Sync individual adjustments from SmartTurn
  • Sync complete inventory values from SmartTurn
  • Integrate with QuickBooks version 2002 – 2008 and QuickBooks On-line


  • Built-in Connector - SmartTurn’s built-in connector to QuickBooks lets you integrate your accounting package with an inventory control, order and warehouse management solution designed specifically for a growing small to medium enterprise.
  • Accurate Data - With SmartTurn, your QuickBooks inventory data is now backed by accurate, timely inventory levels coming from your warehouse. No more batch-mode reconciliations, manual or duplicate data entry errors.
  • Real-time Data - All customer, trading partner, item masters, quantity, adjustments, shipping, and inventory level information stays accurate in real-time, allowing you to view real inventory status any time you need to.
  • Efficiency Through Workflows - Improve customer service levels through higher order fill rates – lower safety stock, misplaced inventory, shrinkage and improve average order cycles. Control your cash-to-cash inventory cycle.
  • Scalable Framework - SmartTurn’s on-demand service model provides a level of sophistication and economy, thereby allowing unlimited user licenses, with no transaction, maintenance, support or upgrade fees. This means that you can collaborate with your customers, trading partners, and logistics service providers in a manner comparable to your largest competitors at an incredible price point. You can create sales orders and purchase orders, manage your warehouse, and increase visibility into your business performance with SmartTurn and QuickBooks.
  • Inventory Best Practices - Establish core inventory and warehouse best practices, and over time improve processes and innovate with SmartTurn’s regular feature updates and “Inventory and Warehouse Best Practices” training series.
  • Indepth Reporting - Smart reporting and advanced “SmartTurn Inventory Managers” allow you to easily create and modify pick-policies and lists to support just-in-time (JIT), mass-customization, seasonal and other short-run practices that go beyond LIFO/FIFO ….ideal for smaller, more flexible businesses.


  • Easy to Get Started - You get up and running almost immediately with just a PC and internet connection; and SmartTurn’s Plan-Configure-Run onboarding process, with a dedicated customer experience manager, ensures the system works for your business from the start.
  • Mobile-ready - If you want to automate your warehouse with wireless bar-coding, RFID, or cycle counting, SmartTurn has a Windows CE/Mobile client ready to go at no extra cost or fuss.
  • Parcel Shipping - You can also expand parcel shipping to UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS with an integrated weighing scale.
  • Vendor Collaboration - Integrating with your customers or trading partners is simple, you can even add an ordering, inventory control and status web-page link to your website with role-based, secure logins for your best customers or trading partners.
  • Flexible Integration - Direct data integration to QuickBooks and most other GL solutions like NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics-Great Plains, Peachtree, Sage, and SAP among others, as well as other applications through XML, Excel, Flat files, as well as EDI means you can stay connected and flexible when you need to. This means that you can integrate with your web-store, point of sale systems, or CRM systems, such as, quickly and make changes when you need to.


  • Enterprise-class performance - Security, scalability, reliability without the IT head-ache. The SmartTurn solution is “Powered by Oracle”, and hosted in IBM’s global server farms, and updated regularly with customer enhancements and new features.
  • Powerful role-based security  - Allows you to create transparency and collaboration in your business without concerns about escalating user license costs, a feature unique to SmartTurn allowing you to achieve exceptional utility with inventory visibility.
  • Flexible Integration - Integrate all of you Inventory and Warehouse transactions with QuickBooks and other business applications like web store-fronts, POS, or CRM system.
  • No-risk Subscription Pricing - SmartTurn takes great pride in the success of its customers, and since we operate on a Software-as-a-Service subscription business model, our growth depends on your success.
SmartTurn is Integration-ready with Popular Accounting Systems:
  • QuickBooks
  • Peachtree
  • Intacct
  • Sage MAS 90/200/500
  • NetSuite
  • Microsoft Dynamics-GP
  • Oracle E-Business Suite


Free Your Workforce with Mobile Computing

Mobile ComputingThe use of wireless inventory scanners and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies can increase the productivity and accuracy of all your warehouse operations.

The SmartTurn™ Inventory and Warehouse Management System enables warehouse operators to have real-time inventory visibility and control while moving freely across the warehouse floor. With no modifications or additional software required, SmartTurn is compatible with mobile wireless inventory scanners and other wireless technologies, enabling shipping clerks, inventory managers, and other warehouse staff to conduct receiving, picking, loading, and cycle counting—from any location within the warehouse.

SmartTurn partners with Psion Teklogix and Motorola to provide mobile warehouse management tools to access real-time order and inventory information at your fingertips.

  • Reduce data collection errors
  • Eliminate manual data entry processes
  • Increase employee productivity and speed
  • Maintain inventory accuracy
  • Wireless interface for purchase orders, sales orders, inventory reports, license numbers, locations, and inventory status
  • Wireless transactions for receipts, picking, load building, shipments, bin transfers, cycle counts, and inventory adjustments

SmartTurn Mobile Inventory Menu  SmartTurn Mobile Receive Purchase Order  SmartTurn Mobile Ship Sales Order

SmartTurn Inventory Gadgets
SmartTurn's new Inventory gadgets allow customers to get real-time information about their most crucial inventory success metrics.
  • Together, the gadgets provide easy access to summary information about your inventory operation. They are available on your SmartTurn application home page as a “dashboard“ or collection of metrics, as well as on the iGoogle home page.
  • You can configure appropriate views and permissions for each user–ensuring that the right people get the right information, without having to launch the application.
  • Users can also add gadgets to their Google Desktop sidebar, and then undock them and drag them anywhere on their desktops .

Inventory management is a collaborative process, and with SmartTurn's unlimited user policy, here's your chance to stand out in the crowd whether you are a 3PL, manufacturer, wholesaler-distributor or retailer, and differentiate through IT and supply chain innovation.

Available Gadgets

SmartTurn Dashboard of Google Gadgets

Warehouse Capacity

This meter measures (warehouse capacity currently used) / (maximum warehouse capacity), displayed as a percentage.

Gadget Category: Current System Use

Add Gadget    Add Gadget

Open Purchase Orders

This table lists the first five open purchase orders, ordered by PO date.

Gadget Category: Purchasing

Add Gadget    Add Gadget

Item Masters Above/Below Reorder Point

This chart shows the proportions of item masters that are above and below their reorder points. Only item masters with inventory on hand are considered.

Gadget Category: Purchasing

Add Gadget    Add Gadget

Inventory On Hand Metrics

This table lists the top five item masters, ordered by value (cost) of the quantity on hand.

Gadget Category: Inventory

Add Gadget    Add Gadget

Inventory Valuation By Owner

This table lists the value of all inventory currently on hand for each owner, ordered by total value.

Gadget Category: Valuation

Add Gadget    Add Gadget

Open Sales Orders

This table lists the first five open sales orders, ordered by due date.

Gadget Category: Sales Orders

Add Gadget    Add Gadget

Sales Order Status

This chart shows the proportions of sales orders in each status (Saved, Dispatched, Partially Serviced, Completed, Closed, Cancelled).

Gadget Category: Sales Orders

Add Gadget    Add Gadget

Pending Shipments

This table lists the first five pending shipments, ordered by due date.

Gadget Category: Fulfillment

Add Gadget    Add Gadget

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SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management Feature List
 Inbound Order Management
 Inventory Control Management
 Outbound Order Management
      Approval Process
      By Item, Serial #, Lot #, Location
      Available to Promise
      Available to Promise
      By Group, Vendor, Description
      Dispatch Process
      Adjust from One or Many Locations
      History Tracking
      Groups / Categories
      Single Item / Many Items at Same Time
      Item Cost Visibility
      History Tracking
      Item Price Overriding
      Item Cost Overriding
      Bulk Transfer Items
      Reopen SO
      PO Duplicating
      By Group, Vendor, Description
      SO Duplicating
      Reorder Points
      By Item, Serial #, Lot #, Location
      Trading Partner Management
      Stockout Ordering
      Move to One or Many Locations
      Trading Partner Management
      Find Overstock Locations to Pick From
      Resumeable Counts
      Custom Pick Policy Creation
      License Plate (creation and assignment)
      Track Counted and Non-Counted Items
         By Warehouse, Trading Partner
      Location Capacity Checking
      Create your own Cycle Count List*
         Pick by Item, Lot, Serial, Location
      Lot #, Serial #, Expire/Receipt Date Tracking
         By Custom Cycle Count Policies
      Custom Pick Policy Override
      Putaway to Assigned Locations
         By Rcpt/Expire Date, Last Counted Date
      Picking Policies *
      Putaway to One/Many Locations
         By Location, Class, Group
      Receive without a PO
      Ship by License Types (optional)
      Trading Partner Management
      Create / Edit / Activate / Deactivate
         Item must have License to Ship
 Inventory Reports
      Single / Multiple Item Assigning
         Item can't ship if License Attached
      License Types (optional)
         Warning if Shipped with License
      By Custom Fields, Trading Partner
         Item must have License to Ship
      Save Shipments for Later Delivery
      By Item, Serial#, Lot#, License#
         Item can't ship if License Attached
      Ship from Alternate Locations
      By Location, Group, Products
         Warning if Shipped with License
      Ship from One / Multiple Locations
      Picture URL Links
 Mobile (RF) Computing
      Ship without a Sales Order
   Report Actions
      Trading Partner Management
      View, Adjust, Bin Move, Edit
      License Plate (creation and assignment)
   Advanced Reports
      Lot #, Serial #, Expiration Date Tracking
      Estimated Shipping Charge
      Inventory Stockout
      Receive Purchase Order
      Carriers Supported
      Receive without a PO
         DHL ±
      Trading Partner Management
         Endicia +
      Single Warehouse Item View
      Multiple Warehouse Item View
      Bin Moves / Location Transfers
      Custom Cycle Count Fields
      Validate Pick / Cycle Count Policies
      Cycle Counting
         Trading Partner
      Real-Time Reports (Unlimited Combinations)
      Inventory Adjustments
      Postage Printing +
      Label Printing
         Cycle Counts / Uncounted
      Lot #, Serial #, Expire/Receipt Date Tracking
      Package Count
         Damaged / Good / Fair Items
      Owner / Broker / Carrier Assigning
      Total vs. Actual Shipping Weight
         Dead Stock
      Ship by License Plate
      URL Tracking
         Expired Items / Close to Expiration
      Ship in One / Many Unit of Measures
         High Dollar / Low Dollar
      Ship Sales Order
      Create Your Own Parcel Policy
         Inventory Valuation
      Ship without Sales Order
         By Warehouse, Customer, Carrier
         Old Stock / New Stock
         Any combination of the above
         Recalls / Returns
      Custom Policy Override
         Reserve / Pick Location
      By Bill of Lading / Container
         Unlicensed/Licensed Items
      By Custom Fields
      Void Entire Shipment
         Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
      By License, Location, Serial#, Lot#
      Void Line Items on Shipment
 Item / Location Management
      By Receipt Date, Expire date
      By Trading Partner, User
      Item Types and Groups
      Add/Delete/Move Fields
      Lot # and Serial # Control
      By Cycle Count Date, Reason Code
      Require Data in Fields
      Material Handling ABC Class
      By Expire Date, Adjust Date, Transfer Date
      Inbound Process Flow
      Picture URL Linking
      By Location, Cost, etc.
      Inventory Process Flow
      Preferred Vendor Linking
      By Serial # / Lot #, User, Trading Partner
      Outbound Process Flow
      Sellable Yes/No Flag
      Complete Tracking from Inbound to Outbound
      By Customer, BOL, Container, Dates
   Custom Field Process Requirements
      By Receiving, Inventory, Shipping UoM
      By License, Order Status, Item Status
      Pre-populate data
      By Billing, Weight UoM
      By Location, Order #, Custom Fields
      Populate on Save
      Measure in Eaches, Pallets, Cases, Gallons
      By Parcels, Voided Items
      Make it Required
      Define your own Units of Measure
      By Ship Date, Due Date, etc.
      Create Constant Value
         By Process Flow
      By User, Item, Serial #, Lot #, Expire Date
   Custom Field Types
         Receive and Ship in Multiple UoM
      Currency, Date/Time, List, Memo
      Adjust, Transfer or Count in Multiple UoM
      Number, Text, Yes/No
      Admin Lock / Hold / Discontinued
      Add Fields to Document Headers
      Default Pick Location Assignment
      Add Fields to Table Views
      Default Putaway Assignment
      Rename / Resize Fields
      Multiple Warehouses per Item
 Import / Export
      Create Column Sort Order
      Reorder Points
      Activate / Deactivate
      Reorder Quantities
      Import Business Accounts
 Inventory Manager Capabilities *
      Import Business Contacts
      Adjustable, Putaway, Pickable, Owned
      Import Items
      Inventory Managers *
      Capacity Location Limits
      Import License Numbers
      Cycle Counts *
      Custom Location Naming
      Import Locations
      Picking *
      Transaction Capacity Checking
      Import Purchase Orders
 Security & Role Management *
      Import Receipts
      Policy Creation, Editing
      Import Sales Orders
      By Broker, Owner, Vendor
      15 Default Roles Created
      Import Shipments
      By License#, Location, Serial#, Lot#
      Activate / Deactivate Roles
      By Condition, Group, Details
      Copy / Duplicate Roles
      Export Adjustments
      By Last Cycle Count / Expire Date
      Role Permissions (Unlimited Combinations)
      Export Available To Promise
      By Item Cost, Item #, Product #
         By Job, Company, Process, Warehouse
      Export Bin Transfers
      By Total Qty, Licensed Qty, Description
         By Owner, Cust, Vendor, Carrier, Broker
      Export Cycle Counts
         By Module, Sub module, Role, User
      Export Inventory Reports
      Standard Picking Policies
      Unlimited Users
      Export Owner/Consigned Stock
         Password Control, Set Expiration Dates
      Export Parcel Shipments
      Custom Pick Policy Creation or Override
      Export Purchase Orders
      By Warehouse, Customer, Owner
      Export Receipts
      Any combination of the above
      AR / AP Integration
      Export Sales Orders
      By 30 Different Attributes
      Export Shipments
      By Custom Field Attributes
         Microsoft Dynamics-GP
      Export Stockouts
 Business Affiliates
      Export Voided Shipments
         Oracle E-Business Suite
      24-Hour Global Access For All
      Add / Edit Trading Partner Accounts
         QuickBooks 2002-2008
      Inbound/Outbound Transaction Log
      Multi-Contact Information
            Enterprise, Pro and Online Editions
      Real Time Item Availability
            Built In QuickBooks Connector
      Single or Multi-Warehouse Views
      Multi-Address Support
      Sage MAS 90/200/500
      Pending Tasks, Statuses
      Main/Ship To/Ship From/Bill To/Pay To
      SAP ERP
      Trading Partner Account Access
      Set Time Zone
* Over 1 Billion Combinations
+ Separate account required
± No longer supported for US customers, Limited International Support


SmartTurn 3PL / Contract Logistics Solutions

Food ServiceCreating a new 3PL value curve with SmartTurn
As a 3rd Party Logistics Provider (3PL), creating high customer service levels and maintaining a healthy profit margin depends on being able to maintain accurate and efficient inventory and warehousing practices. Profitable freight services also depend on your ability to conduct error-free, on-time shipment handling and information at the warehouse level.

To broaden your services to meet the needs of current and future customers, you need to implement and integrate information technologies. In this way you can create real-time visibility and transaction capabilities over the internet and develop collaborative relationships with your customers and their business partners.

As a small to medium sized 3PL you need a system that can meet or surpass that of your bigger competitors, but at a price point that lets you protect your capital.


SmartTurn Wholesale Distribution Solutions

Wholesale DistributionThe success of a wholesale distribution company relies on accurate and efficient materials management, cost control, and customer satisfaction. With the pressure of shorter lead times from the manufacture and customer side, today's wholesale distributors need a more proactive warehouse management system that helps match supply and demand quickly and more accurately to increase order fill rates. To quickly anticipate and fulfill customer demands, SmartTurn automates core warehouse business processes through one warehouse management system, so distributors gain access to real-time visibility and control.

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System for the wholesale distribution industry is an end-to-end solution that integrates purchasing, receiving, order fulfillment, and shipping. By streamlining these key business processes, warehouse managers and staff have access to the same up-to-date inventory information. As a result, distributors can prevent shortfalls and automate re-ordering to proactively anticipate and fulfill customer demands.

As an on-demand, web-based warehouse management system, SmartTurn provides real-time inventory visibility and control at a fraction of the costs of traditional software solutions. Designed for quick implementation, the SmartTurn warehouse management system is easy-to-use and enhances employee productivity by eliminating manual, paper-based processes that lead to higher operating costs and inaccurate inventory levels.

  • Achieve higher order fill rates
  • Decrease shrinkage
  • Reduce cycle counts
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce misplaced inventory
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Minimize safety stock
  • Manage multiple facilities
  • Automate warehouse management processes
  • Real time inventory information on movement and valuation
  • Accurate inventory quantity information on location
  • Manage product characteristic and specification information
  • Display inventory data the way you want it
  • Lot number and serial number tracking on all transactions


SmartTurn Food Service Solutions

Food ServiceSuccess in the food service business is about timeliness and quality. Running an efficient food service operation requires tracking fresh ingredients and perishable food inventory. You also need to remain flexible and adaptable to ensure that all recipes and menus are executed and delivered without a glitch.

The SmartTurn™ Inventory and Warehouse system created complete control for food service operations by eliminating manual data entry, countless paperwork and any guesswork in determining what food is in stock. Designed to enhance stock and material visibility and control, SmartTurn updates your food inventory levels as recipes are processed. This allows you to remain in control and on time. And since SmartTurn is an on demand solution, you can see and control your entire food service inventory from anywhere at anytime of the day.

  • Maintain real-time inventory of food, beverages, and supplies
  • Automate recipe and menu execution
  • Eliminate overstocks or expired ingredients
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry errors
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Improve supplier management
  • Streamline inventory management, storage, and preservation across kitchens and pantries
  • Plan and track cost of goods for recipes and menus
  • Review, verify, and reconcile quantities received against bills of lading, contracts, purchase requests, and shipping documents
  • Share stock records and other documents such as inventory, material control, accounting, and supply reports across operations and accounting departments
  • Perform inventory and financial management procedures, including ordering, receiving, and storing supplies
SmartTurn Healthcare Inventory Management Solutions

HealthcareSuccessful patient care requires that the right supplies are delivered and available at the right time. Maintaining and distributing medical inventory can take up a large portion of medical staff and technician's time. It is important for all staff, regardless of scheduling and shifts, to access, supervise, and perform medical inventory orders. This can assure proper inventory levels, access, and tracking so your professionals can concentrate on patient care.

The SmartTurn™ Inventory and Warehouse Management System for healthcare institutions eliminates manual data entry, paper files, and forms by automating records and other documents that determine how and where medical inventory is received, stored, and used. This creates better control of medical inventory and the policies and procedures that are related to managing your inventory levels.

  • Centralize material management across facilities
  • Maintain medical inventory without overstock or expiration
  • Manage “return to stock” and return goods to vendors promptly
  • Perform inventory management, storage, and preservation
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry- errors
  • Improve medical staff productivity
  • Review and verifying quantities received against bills of landing, contracts, purchase requests, and shipping documents
  • Establish and maintaining stock records, and other documents such as inventory, material control, accounting, and supply reports
  • Perform healthcare inventory and financial management procedures, including ordering, receiving, and storing supplies
  • Automate prescribed load list and shop stock list duties


SmartTurn Hospitality Solutions

HospitalityDemanding customers and increased competition are driving the hospitality industry to gain better flexibility and control of operations. Whether you are managing a hotel, resort, meeting facility, or entertainment site you are challenged by paper based systems and manual processes to view and control your hospitality inventory. Manual administration and redundant data entry prevents hospitality management and staff from utilizing accurate and up-to-date inventory information needed to deliver quality customer care and service.

The SmartTurn™ Inventory Management System for hospitality eliminates manual based inventory control processes by providing a point and click management system that is easy for all employees to use. Designed to reduce the time it takes to conduct physical inventory counts and identify shrinkage problem areas- Smart Turn automates quality control across locations by centralizing purchasing management, distribution, allotment, and reordering of inventory.

As an on-demand, web-based inventory control system for hospitality businesses, SmartTurn enables all managers and staff access to the same up-to-date hospitality inventory management information, giving all employees peace of mind. Equipped with real-time information, hospitality operators can give accurate reports about what inventory is in stock and spend less time troubleshooting and ensuring that everyone has the information they need, when they need it.

  • Maintain inventory without overstock or expiration
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Centrally plan and manage
  • Reduce order entry errors
  • Enhance management processes
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Eliminate manual, paper-based processes
  • Accurate, real-time inventory reporting
  • Daily consumption levels and analysis across all facilities
  • Automate inventory updates when products are received, shipped, or consumed
  • Group purchasing by date, supplier, inventory types, and stock-out levels
  • Fixed asset management
  • Rental equipment checkout and tracking