"Farm To Fork" Traceability Solutions
Full-Chain-Traceability and Archiving System for Agricultural Record Keeping

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BaxTek Solutions offers One-Stop-Shop Traceability Answers
From monitoring irrigated fields, throughout the entire production process,
all the way to the consumers hands- BaxTek Solutions offers the industry leading Farm-To-Fork Traceability Solution

Why BaxTek Solutions should be your Systems Integrator for you “Trace and Track” Solution

When choosing a systems integrator, it is essential that the correct mix of hardware and software vendors are carefully chosen to create the best solution. BaxTek Solutions takes the complexity of integrating these products and makes it so that the customer has a solution that is easy to deploy and use. In most cases, a single off-the shelf – or “plug-and-play” – solution will not fulfill all of a customer’s needs- The customer is then left to tackle the problem of complexity.

BaxTek Solutions has constructed a TOTAL SOLUTION PACKAGE enabling food producers, processors and retailers to bring their current traceability efforts to the next level while simultaneously making a profit center out of a cost center.

BaxTek Solutions will participate in the design of the project, the integration of legacy systems, implementation of the new applications, and remote management of devices deployed into the field. Choosing BaxTek Solutions will provide the most efficient use of time and money for your “Track and Trace” implementation.

Making use of new barcode technology can be daunting. But one call to BaxTek Solutions can provide you answers to all of your Traceability needs.

Traceability Software
Best in industry, suited to fit your exact needs!

Provides advanced brand protection and brandauthentication solutions to food, beverage, and consumer goods companies including- Minimizing Brand Damage, Cost Profit Optimization, Brand Promotion, Value Chain Intelligence, Cold Chain Intelligence, and Compliance.
FoodLogiQ’s On Demand Food Safety and Quality Management software provides a cost effective, web/mobile, platform for automating the food safety best practices and provides value chain management, traceability and communication.


Additional Hardware and Services

Heat Spy® Thermal Imaging Cameras
Thermal Imager

All other services Include First Class Customer Support, Expert Installation, Programming, and Consultation.